Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Tragi-Comedy of Human Life

  This marks the beginning of a series of posts about the way intersubjectivity can affect our relationships, ideas, and world.
  For instance, take our love lives; if a person says that he/she will love anyone, then it is possible for that person to be approached by an unattractive person. If that person is rejected, and since experience is necessary for finding relationships, then that rejected person would become even less likeable in the future.
  This is similar in the realm of politics; if one person criticizes another then that other (out of self-love) tries to become more and more unlike the critic and so, even more unlikeable by the other person.
   Likewise, a group of loners (those who enjoy being alone) are enjoy their loneliness even more with other loners who can appreciate the same thing. So it was by the love of loneliness that friendship blossomed.
  The kingdom of fortune and chance is a very rich one, and deserves greater philosophical inspection later.

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