Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Ideas on Economics

  Economics is basically the secret of everyday life and everyday life is very complex. So to master economics is to master complexity. No wonder then that people should want to study it.
  So what ideas can I enunciate about economics? For brevity I would like to list them:

1. Everyone is either has all their needs satisfied, some of their needs satisfied, or none of their needs satisfied.

2. If some people are payed wages before other people, and no one worker in one industry is actually the same  person as another worker in another industry, then it follows that some people are payed after other people and that everyone has different needs indexed to time.

3. If choice does not exist then competition does not exist.

4. If markets are centralized then there is no more division of labor based on region (this one's a little iffy).

5. People don't consume all their wages before everyone else is paid, or else there would be no exchange.

I hope this is a good preliminary to any future thoughts on the subject.

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